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how do you know if a condo is fha approved

The condo complex must be approved by FHA. This requires an extensive package of documents sent to and approved by FHA. Searching the FHA Approved Condo List. Before you make an offer on a condo, you need first visit FHA’s website that lists currently approved condominium projects. Try searching by the condo’s name first.

That will give you a choice of far more condominium projects than you will find on the FHA list of approved projects. Ask the condo association or your lender to get FHA approval. Though it never hurts to ask, this idea will likely be shot down quickly. It takes reams of documentation, and weeks of review by the FHA, for a project to be approved.

 · The requirements to get an FHA loan for a condo are strict. The complex itself needs to be FHA approved. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

How Do I Know if a Condo Project is FHA Approved? – How Do I Know if a Condo Project is FHA Approved? If you are interested in a condo and you will be using FHA financing, the project must be FHA approved. To find out if a condo has been FHA approved, you can visit the Condominium Page on the HUD website. There are a variety of ways to search to a project. You can search by: City

PDF CONDOMINIUM PROJECT APPROVAL and PROCESSING GUIDE – Condominium project approval can be issued by FHA staff or by an FHA-approved mortgagee. Mortgagees meeting defined eligibility requirements are authorized to review condominium documentation, determine project eligibility and certify to compliance with section 203(b) of the NHA and 24 CFR parts 203 of FHA’s regulations.

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FHA Condominiums | HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing. – FHA insures condominium single unit loans for up to 30-year terms to purchase or refinance a unit in an FHA-approved condominium project. The condominium project must be primarily residential, contain at least two dwelling units and can be detached, semi-detached, a row house, a walk-up, mid-rise, high-rise, including those with or without an elevator, or manufactured housing.

Condo fha approved – Thepoint-galveston – The FHA provides an easy to use condo lookup tool that lists the FHA approved condos. If the condo development is not on the approved list or the approval has expired, then the project will need to be approved or re-certified before an FHA loan can be obtained.

FHA Appraisals what else are FHA appraisers looking for? – If the hud approved appraiser flags (ie: calls out) certain issues such as peeling. As-you-know: Condo projects feature ownership of a portion of a property.

how do i qualify for an fha loan which allows more people to qualify. These ratios are current as of july 2010. fha loan guidelines do not require a minimum credit score. Borrowers can be approved with little or no credit history, as.